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Thank you for visiting my new website. I was born and raised in the rural northern Greek village of Kimina - nestled in the heart of Macedonia. It was here that I purchased my first guitar (1975) which I have been self-learning and writing music with ever since. Today, I am a UK and Kuwait based professor of marketing and business school dean by vocation, but remain a music composer by avocation.


As a weekend composer, I have written numerous pieces of orchestral music over a period exceeding 40 years. My first album Recollections is a compilation of many of my favourite pieces, reflecting important moments in my life – inspired by family, friends, colleagues, and students.


The inescapable hurdles, distractions, and responsibilities associated with life have postponed this project by decades. Nonetheless, I am delighted to have finally found the time to see this passion through to the point that it is ready to share. The completion of Recollections is a lifelong ambition and I hope you enjoy listening to this album as much as I enjoyed making it.

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